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01-19-2008, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by bottleCAPS View Post
hey guys, i normally don't post on here but i had a question so i figured i would. i play beer league rec hockey and we normally play 2 games a week. late in december i caught mono and won't be able to skate until late JAN/ early FEB. when the doctor clears me for physical activity what are some things i can do so that i have my legs back for my first skate? i lost like 10 pounds when i was sick so my stamina will probably be pretty low too, is there anything else i can do to make sure i'm not as winded? i have a treadmill at my place but i was thinking maybe running suicides as well... thoughts?
ONe thing I noticed when playing hockey is that after a long time off like the off-season or something was that my legs would be in much better shaoe if a played other sports like soccer. So pretty much your best bet would be to be physically active along the lines of jogging on your treadmill to build up your wind, then doing quick sprint of about 100-200m to build leg strength. If possible playing some tennis would definatly help get you legs in shape too or raquetball/ any other similar sport because of the quick motions done when playing.

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