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01-19-2008, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
Mono never leaves you unfortunately.

If I am stressed I can really feel it. Its a different kind of tired that only Mono gives you.

I can also get the same thing if I am not on the best sleep schedule, or if I am really going for a few days. It has gotten better with time though.

My mono was really horrible. I felt no symptoms until I collapsed on the ice one day from an unbelievable pain in my side. Went to the doctor...Mono (and literally one week before my grad trip to glad I bought cancellation insurance).

I was downed for over 2 months.

And I rarely ever get sick. The last time I was sick was over 4 years ago when I had Mono. Before that was 2 years earlier when I had strep.
My friend has it right now. Shes over the worst of it but now she just constantly sleeps....all day and all night. I think she's had it for about a month.

I'm actually very lucky I didn't get it from her, lucky enough to get tonsilitus though

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