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Originally Posted by Ulic View Post
You can practice to become equally proficient with either stick.
Just focus on what feels better for the way you play.

Factors such as your skating style could influence your decision. If you skate low to the ice a shorter stick may compliment your skills better. The opposite is also true.
If you tend to play defense or as a defensive forward you may be more effective with a longer stick because of the increased area in which you can reach to poke check the puck or reach an opponent.

I would also focus on what kind of shot you have. If you tend to chip pucks in close or release quick snap shots from around the crease a shorter stick might help. If you take bigger slap shots or big wristers from the point a longer stick might help.

Essentially just focus on what kind of game you play and then think of what length of stick would compliment that the best. If you still don't know just come back and tell us how you play.

I usually play on the wing so I prefer to have a longer reach because it helps me to pick off passes to clear the puck out of our end and get break aways. That is just the way I prefer to play and therefore a longer reach helps with that. No gear will really make you better at one thing or another but the right gear can help to compliment your main skills.
A lot of what you said describes how I play, or see things. I play forward most of the time, only end up on defense when I come back to cover and the guy who was playing defense thinks we're switching and goes up. I like how I can pick off pucks a little further out. I'm still working on confidence enough to go through/around defenseman. I usually try to drw the D man into a spot tat opens up a teammate for a pass. I rarely take slapshots, and do little fom the point. I usually try to work around the slot or set up guys from behind the net. I'm more of a passer than a shooter. Most of my goals are from following up rushes where I just have to redirect the puck. I might gain in the offensive zone, but give up in the neutral zone on picking off loose pucks. I honestly couldn't say which is the bigger end of the transaction though.

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