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01-19-2008, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by SniperArchetype View Post
It breaks in the corners mostly - meaning where your big toe, little toe, and both sides of your heel/ankle are. If you feel something scratching there when you play, or if you start feeling numb after 20 minutes or so in these general areas, then baking will help it go away. If you bake the skates, and after a few days of playing with them it doesn't get better, then you are basically screwed, though your feet will adapt to the pain by developing callases (sp?), but this process will take up to two weeks.
So if things are little more than snug through the middle part of the skate(arhc and outside of the foot), there's not too much that is going to help that? It's not very uncomfortable, like I said, just when trying to feel for any little thing, I notice a little bit there. Will that part break-in, or it's pretty much how it's going to be?

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