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04-13-2004, 11:41 AM
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To me the point isn't whether Ribs is really hurt or not, or whether it was the sporting thing to do, but rather whether or not it's going to hurt the team. IMO, this can nothing but hurt the Habs.

It wasn't the rolling around on the ice that did any damage, but the taunting on the way to the bench and laughing on the bench afterwards. Think about it, we just finished dominating the B's in back to back games, we're on a high, they're on a major low so why do something stupid like that and give them something to rally around?

The B's players don't care whether he was hurt or not, all they saw was a player trying to embarrass them and pour salt in their wounds. IMO, this could be the spark they needed to turn around their listless play. Anyone who thinks that this will throw them off their game is delusional. Were we running McLaren or pre-occupied with him when he hit Zednik? Of course not, we directed that energy into playing well and beating them, just like the B’s aren’t going to give a ***** about getting even with Ribeiro, they are going to give a ***** about winning the game.

Ribs is a joke to them, and I can guarantee that not one Bruin will let Ribs distract them from winning or get drawn into a stupid penalty.

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