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01-20-2008, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Namesinvain View Post
When I use a shorter stick (up to my shoulders on skates) my back kills me. I actually found that my slap shots are much harder and more accurate with a short stick. I think because I really lean into it and use more of my legs.
I used a longer stick for that reason -- I found myself hunching over a lot and my back couldn't take it. I used a longer stick for awhile but switched back to a short stick recently. Better stick handling, more power on my shot, less flex (once I cut it) to the stick were my reasons for switching back, and I adjusted my posture (bent my knees more) so I don't hunch over like before.

You may have a longer reach with a long stick but unless you have strong wrists your puck control will suffer. It's easy for opponents to lift your stick since you won't be leaning on it. The lie of your blade will become an issue -- the further you reach (or the closer you bring it to your feet) the less of your blade touches the ice. Not to mention that long sticks are just heavier than short sticks.

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