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04-13-2004, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Olaf
Yep, it is the old $80 million dollar payroll vs. ...$23 million deal. You gotta love it.
It is a bunch of geezers vs. a bunch of young we are deemed devoid of talent.


Wings have experience, big paychecks, and older talent. The Preds are hardly without talent, it is just it is young and just now people outside this area are getting a chance to see them play in the big spotlight.
Actually, to be fair, if you want to talk "big paychecks" and I know you didn't say it but you're hinting at "bought players". Some Nashville fans are saying Detroit hasn't produced any of their big name stars ect ect... But Nashville sometimes forgets that 6 years ago the Owner of the Nashville Predators had to pay 80 million dollars for Nashville to get into the league, and then he had to go and buy the rest of your roster. So we may have a few players that we "bought" but just remember, to be fair, that your entire team has come from some rich guys pocket along with your players.

Anyway tonight should be a good game, good luck Nashville.

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