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04-13-2004, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Anglo, french, whatever, they all bashed Ribeiro because this sells. They need tv ratings, they need to sell newspapers to justify their high salary for the crap they are saying on air/in newspapers. I don't like Pedneault - he told too many times what Gainey should do, pathetic, Pedneault is not running this team and good thing for us, Gainey is not Réjean Houle who was influenced by the journalists, we saw the results.

The anglos that says “ Cmon, don't go too far ” are those who are older and have a better judgement because of life experience/maturity.
Habitude, I hope Ribeiro continues to develop and becomes an 80-90 point guy. The way a lot of us comment on his act is generational, to an extent. More generational than racial, I hope. If a middle aged anglo white guy like myself doesn't find Terrell Owens end zone routine funny, am I racially biased, or am I just not buying what is being sold today. When the Alouettes do their routine, I laugh like a hyena because it is intended to be funny. I think there is a trend of the individual rather than the team that is popularized, possibly because the media sells the star rather than the team. I don't put any of this at Ribs' feet because, while the issue interests me, that was just one instant in one game, a hotly contested game.

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