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04-13-2004, 01:22 PM
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I agree with your reasoning but not your veiw of Frolov when compared to the situation.

The Kings have no need whatsoever for Paille as they are dead loaded with players that are at least as talented as him for our third and fourth lines so we would pass on his being offered simply for that reason.

Noronen. I like him and do feel he has the grapes to maybe become a number one but, the Kings have Huet who is playing as well as Noronen is right now so he simply wouldn't be the bonifide number one that we need.

Roy, again a case of our having players in our system who are at least as good as him who are ready to make the jump so simply no need to add him.

Vanek, if you started with him and then added another top sniper prospect and Biron or Noronen then you might get a start at Frolov.

We would have to replace his scoring at least to move him and then, would have to have a back up plan in case Vanek is a bust as well as the goalie.

That is the trouble with dealing away young budding superstars. Certainly there are arguements to do so, look at the Lindros deal (Frolov isn't Lindros, just an example), if you can move one player and get three that are very good in his place then you have to look at it.

You just have to be certain you are getting players in return who have star potential or that fill an instant need to make it worth while.

I don't think it a good fit for either team but, as a Kings fan, I would LOVE to see Frolov and what he would do on a team like Ottowa or Buffalo even.

He is a puckstealing grinding hitting beast that you simply cannot knock off the puck who plays dead bang solid in his own end and scores timely goals.

Under Andy Murray, he has been used as an energy player and allot of Kings fans feel treated rather poorly where ice time and line mates are concerned.

If he went to another team I don't doubt for a second that he would add another 15 to 20 points to his total and become an all star within the season. He would have done so this year if it weren't for the fact that he spent a full 20 games on the third line with players who simply are too inconsistent in offence and while Frolov continued to add to his plus minus stat and points as well, he did so while receiving about 12 mins per game and IF he were used as a top six LW for the entire season he would have done allot more than he did.

48 points isn't bad but let him play on a line with equal or close enough too talent and for a season and he would have done at least another 15 more points. Also, Andy didn't feel the need to give him ANY PP time until towards the end of the season and Frolov took well advantage of it when he got it. He is our teams number one forward on the PK so add that to the list of what you would be getting as well.

He has outgrown Andys system so as a fan of his I would love to see what he could do playing on a line with two solid NHL players where he received an average of 15 mins per game or more.

Your first this year and next year as well as your third next year plus Vanek for Frolov and Rome.

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