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01-20-2008, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Airborne Man View Post
how do I make them hit me in the chest everytime?
You probably will not be able to have every shot hit you directly in the center of your chest, but you want to get as much of your body in front of the puck as possible.

When you are in your stance, you want to be a compact as possible. This give you the ability to "spring" out of your stance to make a save up high (Some goalie are different and prefer a more "loose" style, but this is what I teach my students and what I used when I played). When you are in this stance and a shot goes glove high, you don't throw just your glove up to make that highlight reel save. You "spring" out of your stance and move your upper body towards the shot. Your keep your bicep as close to your body as possible with your glove out like it is pointing towards the shooter, with the glove open facing the ceiling (This is a lot easier to explain in person and very easy to do haha). Same goes for shots high to the stick side, but you bring your glove over to trap the puck on your blocker or chest (And obviously you don't have your blocker pointing at the shooter).

The is a more favorable save then going down and throwing your glove or blocker up at the shot (That is for deseperation saves). Your take up more net, it is easier to hold or control your rebounds, and it closes up your holes better.

For low shots, get your stick on every shot that you can and make sure the blade is angled and not straight up and down. if you can't, try to angle your pad so that it is not straight ascross your body (or in front of your body as well). Stay square to the shooter and your should not have a problem with this.

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