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04-13-2004, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Agreed. It's an admission by the media that they feel the Habs can't win in a fair fight. HiggsFan, what happened to your dad was equally classless and there's no excuse for either.

Typical behaviour from the Montreal Media. Despite it being against NHL policy, Gainey would do well to ban the media completely - except for the TV cameras - for the next game and pay the fine to the NHL.

I didn't know they pulled that in '02. Personally, that sullies the victory. Absolute classless clowns. They should be fired and called up on harrassment charges.


That`s the kind of thing happening during playofffs... Scoty Bowman has always use that kind of trick (cutting the players bench, painting the visitor room a day prior the game, etc....) Tortorella reserved all the rooms the NY Islanders used this season in Tampa Bay just to disturb them.... and it has always been the same.... girls paid to disturb players outside the ice...doesn't meen nobody thinks the Habs can`t win!!! ;-)

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