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04-13-2004, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by MR. X
What makes the Canadian and Original Six teams so special? Are they immune from economic problems (Ottawa)? Do they sell out every game (Chicago)?
Right now, no canadian team is having economic problems. Even when Ottawa was having some problems, it was out of question to move them because the NHL realised the made two major mistakes by moving Winnipeg and Quebec. All 6 canadian markets are among the top markets in the league when it comes to fan base, attendance (% of arena capacity) and media coverage. It would be an awful business move for the NHL to contract one of the canadian teams when markets there are teams in Florida, Carolina, Phoenix and Anaheim.

As for the original 6 teams, the NHL would lost its identity if one of them was to leave the league. Could you imagine the NBA without the Lakers or the Celtics ? It's the same thing for the NHL. Chicago might be one of the worse teams in the league when in comes to attendance, but if the NHL was to eliminate the Blackhawks, they would lose a major market and destroy rivalries that are still alive (but need to be revitalized). The problem in Chicago is the ownership. The owners need to shake up this franchise and make things happen. If the Blackhawks are competitive, the fans will come back.

I personally think contraction will never happen, but all the threads on this board start with the premise that some cities have a birthright to NHL teams.
I too think there won't be any contraction. I just listed the teams as to who I believe would have the biggest chance of not being contracted if the NHL was to opt for this drastic solution.

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