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01-21-2008, 06:39 PM
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I think you guys are being really hard on them. Last year Moncton had arguably three "first lines" on offence that possessed the puck most of the time. This year they have 1st line, 2nd line, and 3rd line quality forwards again like most teams. The result last year was that the tremendous talent was matched up against other teams 2nd and 3rd lines for 30 + minutes per game. It drew a ton of penalties, and scored a lot of goals. You couldn't stop them. This year teams are able match lines again and it's not one-sided. The puck isn't in the other team's end for 3/4 of the game this year. They were outshot, what? Twice all of last season? Not this there's far more scoring chances against. That's University hockey - players leave and fortunes change fast.

Remember, last year only UNB, and occasionally ST FX could skate with or contain them.

IMO, Moncton looks exactly like a team that lost Busque, Fournier, Toner (the real MVP last year IMO) , JF Laplante etc, and replaced them with solid rookies, but rookies nonetheless. Those now-departed players made everyone around them better, too. They're feeling the effects of that. That loss of depth would be impossible for any team to overcome in an off season unless you signed a lot of pros or something.

UdeM's goaltending was, and is solid, above average, but not exceptional. They're not single handedly going to win most games for the team like Davis is doing for STU somehow this year. They're job is to keep them in it. They're doing that.

They're just going to have to grind out their wins. In the meantime, the new recruits are getting valuable ice time and should continue to improve next year, and after. This has been Acadia's model for some time now, and pays off in the long-run. And they're still good enough to beat any team on any given night.
Moncton's doing a good job with what they and the experienced players they still have will pay dividends in the playoffs against whoever they face. I think they would beat SMU in a playoff battle. I'm not convinced SMU can raise their play that extra step when the games mean something.

They'll be fine.

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