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04-13-2004, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by prabby
guys im scared...i wanna become a surgeon or a doctor but u guys are telling me that a guy that got 96% average didnt get into wtv program u were talking about???????? i have a 82 average but that mainly becuz i have to take spanish,and french so do i have a chance of becoming a doc or surgeon?
LOL, we were talking about a specialized biusness school, only accepts a few people. The regular biusiness program is not as hard.

for a doctor you need to take 4 years of some university, I'm assuming your from Canada, usually pre-med --- like biology or something. After that you go to Post graduate program for becoming a doctor, that's when your marks matter the most.

BEsides your like 15, rite? so grade 9? no worries no one cares about what you do in grade 9, I got like a 65% in grade 9 -- it's a great time to relax and slack off

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