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04-13-2004, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by rahan
Since his post about his Jet Lee-like performance after Game One(I think), we didn't hear much of our fellow poster #44_delivers. Word on the streets is that he's hiding under a rock, others say he's reading his edition of the Reader's Digest.
Where does the truth lie? You be the judge.
im chill'n waiting for the game
nothing ever hapend but i had a panic attach for a couple days.
anyways i pilled up 90% of my posts and waz here 24/7 when i had my cast on about 3 weeks ago, ever since there removed im rarely here, just like you guys im chill'n waiting for the game to start with a couple of friends, no drinks for me though i rarely do have any.
i wish i never started that last thread, i asked saku k to delete and and thank god he did, i had a panic attack over that incident for a couple of days and that thread was a stupid reminder, but now i don't give a $hit about it at, you know **** it, idont care.
anyways GO HABS GO its all about our boys in blue red white right now i hope begin plays, and theodore plays like his old self becuase he is the key, ps: im in montreal for game 6, that'll be my first playoff game in montreal and im definaitly going to lose my voice, ill be the loudest guy in there. i got my red horn and big flag ready

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