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01-21-2008, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
I always hated the skate save.....

On the one hand I could half-butterfly and let puck hit one of my 4-inch thick, stuffed 30+"x12" leg pads.......or I could turn my ankle out expose my unprotected inner ankle and the instep of my foot to a hard puck in the hopes that it will carom just right off the 1-inch tall, 12-inch wide thin blade of my skate.....and god help me if the rebound isn't perfectly placed.......
Well, First of all, your goalie skate has a hard shell on the inside skate wall to protect you during this very save. That's why it's there.

Second, it a timing thing. You half moon your skate by going down on one knee first, then moving the knee that is up two inches and moving the blade on it side in an arch towards the corner. The stick, depeneding on which side you are doing the skate save, goes with the skate to help with the redirection of the puck.

However, the good thing is you have just placed one knee down and it is easier and quicker for you to get back up and get squared to the shooter.

Yes, I know there are those golaies that can get up and down out of a butterfly faster than lighting. However, is you always use the butterfly, shooters are on the bench watching what you do, and then they will start shooting high when you do down.

Now, I'm not telling you you should change your butterfly style. All I am saying is that you should have as many different types of save to use at your disposal so that it makes it harder for the shooter to know what you are going to do.

Once you have mastered this save , which is very easy to do, it really is a great tools to use to redirect the shot away from in front of the net.

Why give your opponent another chance at getting it in the net. Now, I guess for me, I would rather do a skate save and put it away for the shooter than a butterfly and give him that second shoot.

I have always found that it is harder to control a shot of a butterfly, because the pad absorbs a lot of the force or speed of the puck, it has a tendency to bound off the pad about one or two feet.

Sometimes just a little beyond the reach, which I have to pull back with my stick, then when I do a skate save, which goes about ten fet for more.

Which gives me more time to react for the next shot.

Head Coach.

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