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04-13-2004, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by HF-Addict
And isn't it classless those posters with people injured in their avatar...(see Zednik incident)

I don't know, Class is being blown out of proportion here, unbelievable.

- I don't care at all about Ribeiro acting (if it was) We got the win and that's all what matters
- I don't care at all for the anthem booing since it has no politics meaning, obviously. Usa = Bruins, stick it in your head and stop making up stories. Habs won, so everyone should be happy, but no, you guys are playing the Montreal journalists or what?. Blablablabalba. ENUFF.
- I don't care at all about what the radio did. Just damn funny and wished I would have the numbers, cause I would have done it myself. This is war, a game yes, but still a war for the cup.

Too bad Hockey isn't as popular in Bruins land than in Montreal, you guys can't understand.
Perfect post.

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