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04-13-2004, 07:01 PM
Burberry Manning
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Then you must be one happy camper. :lol

You have "better" fans, a more "exciting" style...and nothing to show for it whatsoever.

Fan apathy in NJ (a valid criticism) should not be confused with style of play, which, in turn, should not be used to diminish accomplishment. It's so petty and illogical.

(And before you jump on me JR , I'm ripping NYI "fans" today for tanking on their team last night after the team was down 2-0, with 50 minutes left in the game! Weak.)
Don't get me wrong, I would love to win and I do envy the success that New Jersey has garnered. But I would rather have gone through periods of losing and frustration with a pinnacle of success here(94) and hopefully there in the near future, all the while having a committed and broad fan base. To me it just makes the victories that much sweeter. I mean, would it be more exciting to be an Angels fan when they won the Series or would it be more exciting to be a Red Sox fan or a Cubs fan when they finally end their suffering. I dont know, it just feels more rewarding to suffer for a while and then rise to the top. I swear that the atmosphere in my area was more electric and intense during the Rangers '97 Conferance Finals appearance than it was last year when the Devils won the Cup. I agree that the Devils are a fantastic franchise with a good group of intelligent and passionate fans, and it is a shame that so much of New Jersey has not opened up to the team, but the fact remains that the atmosphere surrounding the Devils pales in comparisson to that of the of the Rangers.

As for the Devils problem towards attracting fans............part of this could be attributed to the Continental's location, I think some could even be attributed to FSNY's charges, but I also believe that the style and philosophy of the team has effected it's fan base. First off, whenever a channel charges to watch sporting events the exposure of that team will be limited. We all remember the huge YES network and Cablevision battle. As for the location, obviously this would affect the central and southern part of the state more.

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