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04-13-2004, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Sammy
Punchy, 2 things. Any particular reason why :
1) Rome was picked so late if hes such a sure thing. My god, 1st rounders arent sure things never mind a guy picked #104?
2)why he has never ben invited to the WJC camp or named a WHL allstar?

BTW, is Frolov a budding star or a proven star?.

And lastly, if you are going to use stats & extropolate them, I could use the argument quite succesfully MA Bergeron is the next Paul Coffey. They dont mean squat until they actually do it.

1. Frolov is a young (21) star in the NHL. He is in the same cat as Spezza and Nash (though Spezza is clearly above the rest of his draft class in talent at this point and Nash is scoring more goals then the rest) and has improved each year he has been in the league, both of them. 34 points first year, 48 points second year. When you consider what he had to work with and the limitations placed on him, he is as much of a star as Nash or Spezza as far as production and future goes.

2. If I use your arguement then unless a player is a high first round draft pick who was invited to all of the right tourneys then they cannot be considered as player with the potential to be a star in the NHL. If that is the case then I can show you *several* players who have become H O Fers who were late draft picks that were never invited to anything. In fact there is one on the Kings right now.

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