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01-23-2008, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Rags225 View Post
That is exactly what I find to be the problem. I'm not trying to pick on you but it aggravates me that the extent of the injury has to be considered. It was a dangerous play and Rosy was lucky not to get injured. But when will these dangerous hits stop? I really think you need to make an example out of Kovy to show that it doesn't matter who you are (star or role player) that these hits need to stop otherwise there will be stiff penalties.

I know Kovy doesn't have a history of trying to injure people, but Kovy doesn't exactly have the nicest history w/ Ranger players. So there could have been intent. Nobody will ever prove this, or disprove it for that matter, but his bad history w/ the Rangers should also be taken into account.
I'm not saying that level of injury should equal length of suspension, but that it in reality it does enter the equation. I think the NHL should make an example of a star like Kovy, but I don't think they will.

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