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04-14-2004, 01:27 AM
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I'm with Bruwinz20 (good to see you again!) on this one. Kovalev doesn't exactly have the best rep in the league for anything at all involving personality. Add Ribeiro's "act" (NB: it's in quotation marks ) and the "Colapsable Kovalev" when he drew the penalty on Murray (count the time he spends on the ground after getting his skate kicked in the 2nd OT) and "the boy who cried wolf" and you wonder why refs aren't calling things in favour of the Habs.

I wouldn't normally agree with a Don Cherry or a Pierre MacGuire, but I will here. Brendan Shanahan, about 10 years ago I believe, shatters his ankle on the ice. He has the frame of mind and the "intestinal fortitude" to skate to the bench to allow someone else to take his spot on the ice since play was still going on. Kovalev gets the little slashing boo-boo to which the reaction looked farworse than the slash regardless if it deserved a penalty or not.

It's really about keeping your head in the game, which Kovalev has proved that he isn't capable of doing that game in and game out over the past 3 years. Blame Theodore all you want, but ridiculous giveaways that result in goals should never be blamed on a goaltender.

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