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01-23-2008, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Cherapanov View Post
I'm not arguing the fact that he should get 10+ games, but after rethinking it all 1 game should be warranted. If Hollweg did that to someone (he has before) it makes me disgusted, and especially if Hollweg had left his feet and almost seriously injured somebody, I'd want him suspended. It's a fair thing all around.

My comparison may not be the best, but you can see where it's coming from, it may not be as bad as injuring, but eventually someone will get injured if it continues. League has to set a precedent and take someone as serious as Jed Ortmeyer to Sidney Crosby in terms of suspensions. All players are equal.
Did you read the posts prior to mine saying "But he didn't"? You're not telling me anything that I have not said myself. I don't believe he deserves 10+ games.

I said that a game is a good sign to the league that marquee players are not above discipline.

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