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04-14-2004, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Jacques Strappe
As the thread title may suggest, I'm a little tired of all the negative threads posted after losses. Who's to blame, blah blah blah!

Well guess what folks? Despite the fact we're down 3-1, there's more positives than negatives to this team. I'll name a few. Feel free to chime in.

Kovalev - when's the last time the team had a player with this skill level?
Ribs - answered the critics with a 2 goal performance and some gritty play.
The #1 line - shutting down the Thornton line which is the key to winning this series.
Markov - Far and above the best D-man on the ice last night - even after receiving 2 big hits.
Ward - always shows up and plays with intensity. Not afraid to go into the corners and take a hit.
Juneau - I think he only got around 13 minutes last night, but that is probably the right amount for him. When he was on the ice, he is actually laying the body on the bigger, stronger Bruins. He's going in corners after the puck. And if he had converted that little between the legs play he tried I'm sure it would have been sweet Bottom line is when he's on the ice, I don't see him as being detremental to the team, as was the case occasionally in the regular season.

I actually thought Rivet was the best d-man on the night. But either way, looking at the way the whole group played when Quintal went down early, I would say I was pleasantly surprised with most of them. Sure, some gaffes, but you know, any defense makes some mistakes. Boston came on with a vastly improved game tonight, and I was pleased that our D at least held its own. Markov showed a lot of guts coming back as he did... that Thornton hit *looked* a lot worse than any of the other cheapshots in the series.

Also agreed on Juneau last night. I was almost wishing that CJ would slip Yanic and Juneau out there, maybe with a double-shifted top forward from the other lines, later on as the OT progressed for a bit of the fresh-legs syndrome. Juneau looked like he was up for the game, but didn't get much chance to show it.

Dagenais, love him or hate him (usually hate him), played with a bit of courage at times too, which was unexpected. He wasn't very effective at getting open, but actually, maybe that was because he was a little more willing to go to traffic areas.

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