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04-14-2004, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by bb_fan
i started reading this stuff last night and figured i would just wait till today to post, after the excitement were's off.

A few things that were on my mind......i really dont see were montrel outplayed boston for the last three games, especially last night.

i thought last night was one of the more even games of the series, with both teams going on rolls at different times and carrying play.

as far as the reffing go's, hey, i'd be pissed too. But the fact is there were more than enough non-calls against both teams.

Montreal got away with there fair share of holding, obstruction, slashing, and high hits. i lost count of all the montreal players i saw leading with the stick or clsoed fists up high.........again, it just goes both ways.

And as far as that does go though, seeing as how so many fans have been reminding Boston fans all season about the 2002 playoffs, the one thing u would never consider as a factor was that after the Mclaren hit, Boston couldnt buy a power play if they tried.

And i believe the general concensus of a resposne was and still would be, "get over, the refs didnt cost u the game or the series, stop using it as anexcuse".

I can relate to people wanting the call on green, watching it the first time it looked like a slash, but it also looked like Kovy embelished it.

And he should have known better considering there was only one penalty called in OT, and that was on Boston, he should have known he wasnt getting another one, and he shouldnt have quit on the puck.

series aint over yet, i have a funny feelling montreal will pull thursdays game out and win that.....and after that then who knows........

all in all though, as a fan, great game to watch, lots of action, lots of skating.

We outshot and outchanced Boston badly the last Three games (may not outshot yesterday but outchanced) and We should have won these games. It was three yesterday and Boston wasnt even touching the puck. That second goal hurt a lot. As much as theo was screen, it was a long shot and he saw it when it was let go. He could have make that save. Theo is giving you the series right now, like Dafoe did two years ago. Boston first goal was horrible.

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