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04-14-2004, 10:25 AM
Guy Caballero
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien
Mm, maybe the Bruins are just smarter than our guys? They understood the way the NHL calls OT and took advantage of it? Our guys didn't? Or that they put together their team better, because they knew that having those types of players would give them an advantage in just such a situation?

I will never ever ever never ever (ever!) believe that any NHL referees are biased or "have it in" for any team. They are playing for their jobs and being evaluated on their performance and they want to do the best they can too. They make mistakes, they're human. It's no different to me if they miss a call or Souray misses a check or Theo flubs a goal, it's just what happens in a fast-paced sport where imperfect humans are required to make split-second judgement calls, particularly in an environment where the rules are situationally malleable.
I don't think an OT should be decided by who can clutch, grab, slash, and high stick the most. Maybe that's just me.

I also cannot agree with your second point about the refs never calling games in a biased fashion because they are too professional and/or worried about performance evaluations. If history has shown is anything, it's that refs never get called to task when they perform badly. Last time I checked, Kerry Fraser was still reffing playoff games. NHL refs seem untouchable, their job security absolute.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pissed about many thing that went wrong last night, most involving poor coaching decisions and goaltending, but those things were in our control at least. I am saying, though, that had the OT been called by the book, or even close to by the book, we probably would have won. But now we'll never know.

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