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01-24-2008, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by DarthVTEC View Post
You're right. The predictable decisions are a HUGE contributing factor! So, do we try something radical to create a spark? Or do we just keep at it, hoping things turn around? The latter choice doesn't seem plausible and the former has basically already been done.(Boyes, PK on the points)
I was thinking about it this morning and as far as radical change thats tough. I would like to see Andy Mac and PK split up. They are both great playmakers and do some different things, but together they just get comfortable doing the same thing. Not to mention they should be setting up our scorers not themselves.
So hows this for radical..

Stemp KT PK - PK and TK had some chemistry on the first line earlier in the year. Stemp getting setup by PK
EJ Sal Sal has a decent shot maybe EJ can set him up, when he doesnt have the shot? Not going to lie Sal scares me on the PP though....just trying to be radical!

Boyes Backes Andy Mac
Backman Walker -Backman is a better passer than shooter and Walker has a bomb...again scarry seeing Walker out there.

D parings and forward lines are interchangable.

I would like to see us try to use the area behind the net like Turgeon used to do...not sure it will work though...but what has.

Interested in hearing the constructive criticisms here. Please note this is me just thinking radical.

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