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04-14-2004, 12:10 PM
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Some random thoughts based on the posts I have read:

(1) Except for the first 10 minutes last night, the habs outplayed the B's. What was a bit odd is that the Habs built a lead in the first 25 minutes of the game but I thought played better as the game went on. There is no doubt the Habs deserved better.

(2) The Kovalev incident - The important thing to realize is that this incident is not about whether Green deserved a penalty or not. It is about what happened AFTER there was no penalty called. A player must keep playing until a whistle is blown and Kovalev did not. Period. The habs were unfortunate in that Kovalev bumped into Souray while the other D-man was changing creating the breakway. Kovalev, without realizing it, was the last man back.

(3) I never blame a game on officiating because I always figure it evens itself out over the course of a game. However, the offside call on the B's in the last minute was a terrible call, considering only a Hab, Bulis, touched the puck inside the Hab's end after Slegr shot the puck back in. No whistle should have gone and considering that Bulis brought the puck back to the B's blue line with the net open, odds are he would have scored. While not blaming the loss on this gaff, the whistle did set off a chain of unfortunate events. The Rivet icing and then the face-off in the Habs end. Dowd won the draw but Samsonov made a nice play to pick the puck from Rivet. However, when Samsonov threw the puck back, Ward dove to knock it out and unfortunately, it hit the B's d-man skate and stayed in and the rest we know. This is a series of unfortunate breaks that tell me that it just may not be the Habs year.

(4) Theo's play - Overall, yes, it could be better but he is your #1 guy and you stick with him. Last night, only the 1st goal he could have stopped. The second goal was a screen shot through Bouillion's legs, the 3rd goal was from in the crease and the last goal was a breakaway. It is more the missed oppotunities at the other end that have killed the Habs. And while Theo should have stopped the OT winner in game 2, the D let Bergeron in all the way to inside the circles and was way too soft on that play

While the Habs can still win the series, this is a serious uphill battle made more difficult because they have outplayed the B's the last 3 games and the manner in which yesterday's game ended. It will be interesting to see how they come out in game 5...I am real proud of the way the Habs have played the last 3 games and it is a shame that they aren't seeing the results for their efforts.

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