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04-14-2004, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby
Contaction talk about the Devils is ridiculous. Noone can argue that the Devils are one of the best run teams in hockey, if not in all of the four major US sports.

If you want to discuss moving them, then you could certainly make a valid argument. If you were to put them in even a mediocre environment, then they would sell out 3 times as many games.

As much as I hate the Devils, they do need to do something about their attendance whether it be a move to a different part of NJ or something else. The Devils are as someone else put it a "borderline dynasty." If they can't draw people now then what happens when they eventually go through a correction and start missing the playoffs? Stevens and Brodeur have to retire some day, and without them that organization obviously takes an enormous hit.
Good post.

And moving to Newark is not the answer IMO. Hockey is far and away the #4 sport in New York (Jersey). And there are three teams. There are not three baseball or football teams. There is just not the fan base.

However, that does not explain the lack of turn out for playoff games. We're not talking about about a Wednesday night game against the Flames in February here. We're talking the 3-6 playoff matchup against a divisional foe who is only 90 minutes to the south. Small fan base or no, that building should be full IMO.

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