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04-14-2004, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
The Devils have had undeniable success over the last 10 yrs BUT what is also undeniable is the fact that the Devils are the poster children for what has been totally killing this great game and sucking the life and excitment out of it and that is system 1st, 2nd and 3rd styles of hockey and that is why despite 3 cups in 10 yrs nobody still gives 2 sh%ts about them and they can't even sellout vs their 2nd biggest rival who also happen to come up and buy thousands of tix themselves, and why your beloved Captain try to bolt the 1st chance he got after being dragged to NJ kicking and screaming after being awarded for compensation for Shanny, and why McMullen has looked to move you guys multiple times.
Did you really bring up scott Stevens? The man who wouldn't even go on the market for his last two contracts...especially where he accepted well below market value for 4 yrs 16 million to stay in NJ...Stevens was not brought here voluntarily..but he absolutely has wanted to saty for the last 8 years...You are right that the Devils, because of their success, have become the whipping boys of the defensive system...but I guarantee that if the rags won the Cup playing the same system (which they do) they would not take the same abuse...

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