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04-14-2004, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
And hey, his trade value will be at its highest after this season where his production was fairly decent.
Agreed with the rest of what you said... but per the above quote... hmmm... well, his value might be dramatically higher than it was before this year, but still, I don't see it as being very high. Not high enough that we would feel like we got a "fair" return in a trade involving him. He's not Mike Comrie on market value, he's more like Marc Savard when the Flames traded him. (Well, hopefully we wouldn't get burned as bad as the Flames, but basically Savard is a very Ribeiro-like player, had a 65-pt season when he was 23 in the NHL, etc.) I'm just speculating, of course.

GMs around the league don't seem to put a lot of stock in that type of player. I'm sure they will remember his Game 3 episode before they'll remember all the good things he did.

Basically, if Gainey decides he doesn't want Ribeiro on the team, he'll have to take some lumps in practically giving him away. I wouldn't rule out that it might come to that. Gainey can make hard decisions. But I doubt it. More likely Gainey will be patient a little while longer, and maybe "phase" Ribeiro out, by getting a bigger #2 guy on the FA market (introduced as a #3 guy, however).

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