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01-25-2008, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Manhattan Blue View Post
You can choose to ignore the stress NY places on sports teams if you want. But it'd be better to understand that he has done a decent job of "retooling" after inheriting a mess. A team in as huge of a market will NEVER rebuild completely. We went from a team with retreads like Zdeno Ciger while having no prospects to a team with some talent and a pretty deep prospect pool. I don't see anyone complaining about the fact that we're now seeing guys like Tyutin, Henke, Prucha, Girardi, Dubinsky, Staal etc. come through.

He's done his job sufficiently.

Seems like you're just angry Sather wasn't able to play the part of God and tank a year or two to get a number one draft pick. You'd have to be one slick son of a ***** to convince NY fans that being the worst team in the league would be worth it.
Originally Posted by PhlipDowt View Post

it's easy to monday-morning-quarterback the details of the deal years later, but the right intentions were there-to get some young talent in the house...and no one should be arguing that at this point. no team is perfect predicting what players will pan out.
You have to be an even slicker SOB to convince NY fans that being the worst team in the league while having the highest payroll in the league is worth it.

Hey we can all happy where this organization is now. I am. But let's not forget the four years prior to the lockout. Go back and reread what was being written about this team.

And my problem with the trade is not so much what they got back but that the trade was made (or some would say had to be made) in the first place.

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