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04-14-2004, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by MentalPowerHouse
I from Southern Ontario and I am breeded to cheer for Toronto, which I do, but regardless I support all Canadian teams and most underdog teams come playoff time, including Montreal even though Boston with Toronto is one of my favourite teams. After the Riberio and the Kovalev incidents I no longer cheer for Montreal to beat Boston, in fact I really hope Boston destroys them. Regardless....

I am not going to hate montreal and I am not going to bash Montreal or its fans, who I am sure will bash me for this post, I don't hold anything against them. The simple fact of the matter is Montreal has become a complete and utter joke around Hockey circles, you have the lost the respect of countless. I know people will respond and rebuttal what I am saying and rip me to shreds and blame whoever, but its a fact fair or not and you have no one to blame but your own players. People respect honest hardworking teams, like Calgary in this playoffs or Edmonton in past playoffs, and the sad fact is Montreal is not one of those teams or atleast not perceived as one.

Even my friends who are diehard Montreal fans see it, and they admit, until Montreal rebuilds this team with hardworking diehard players they are going nowhere and will not have respect anywhere.

Don't you cry now...

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