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01-26-2008, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Irish Blues View Post
God knows I've bagged on Salvador most of the season, but he's doing his job when you don't notice him. There's things I wish he'd improve on, but I realize he's not going to be a top-4 defenseman going forward [which disappoints me, I thought he had the ability to at least chip in offensively from time to time, not twice a year].

St Lou is Blue is absolutely correct, though - the defense has to start scoring more. Sadly, Backman looks like he'll never produce consistently, Brewer's upside is limited to about 8 goals, the trio of McKee, Salvador, and Jackman is going to max out at 3-5 goals, and if Walker gets one in a season it's all he's going to get.
I think you hit it right on the button. Unless Salvador is going to sign for something low (2.5 million), I see no reason to resign him. You have McKee, Polak, and Hellstrom that can give you the same thing. Some one trick pony D-man will be sitting out there looking for work at free agency. Salvy has had a career year. If he has value of over a 3rd round pick, then the Blues better trade him. He have depth at what he does. I don't deny that he has been our best defenseman this year, but Pagnozzi played his rear off in a contract year too. Do it twice before you give him a big pay day.

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