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04-14-2004, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by jerseydevil
Why is Columbus a joke? They are drawing very well....

If I were you I'd want the Devils contracted too....Maybe if the league still had 16 teams make the playoffs and there were only 20 in the league the Rangers would have a solid chance of making one of the last few spots...I think you should write the league a letter.

Hahaha, thats actually one of the funniest rebuttals I've ever read because it is kinda true.

Bottom line on the Devils is they can't sell out a home playoff game (except if its game 7 of the finals). They can't even sell out a home game in a series against your biggest rivals. Its weak dude. The Isles own LI so they will always have a moderate fan base. Keep in mind, hockey is the #4 sport in the area and we are talking about 3 teams here. Philly owns south jersey. And the Rangers have debatably the biggest fan base WHEN THEY ARE WINNING. I understand they have none right now, but the past shows win they are winning the fan base is awesome and this losing has to change eventually (they can't lose forever). The Rangers have tradition and they play in MSG not a swamp. I'd guestimate that only half of the North and Central jersey pop. are Devils fans. But the Rags pull from the city, southern Connecticutt, north of the city all the way to upstate NY, a few from LI, and half the people from Jersey, like myself.

Columbus takes fans away from the big time teams in the Midwest like Detroit, St. Louis, and Chicago.

Dont get so offended that I put the Devils on that list. Look at some of those teams. The ducks were in the finals last year. Carolina the year before that. Tampa won the East. Nashville, Atlanta, and Columbus are up-and-coming teams.

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