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04-14-2004, 07:08 PM
Burberry Manning
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Originally Posted by Janerixon
i agree with your point that we SHOULD NOT build a team via ufa, thats my list of targets or guys id be interested in, i dont want all of them, id sign 4 of them tops and no more to leave spots for kids

as for bulin
hes 31 and only played 35 games combined in the 99-00, 00-01 season due to his holdout (playing in the IHL and 2 games with tampa after the trade), the guy has way more then 3-4 years, id be willing to say 6 to maybe even 7 because he took time off and the life of a goalie is longer than the life of other positions because goalies dont hit their prime until their 30's

maybe you dont want to sign khabi but ill be more than glad to give him a frontloaded 4 year deal, he is the type of goalie who can win games for us and is capable of taking this team to the playoffs on his own if we just get a good coach to work on defense, killing penalties and some sort of system. i dont care about khabi (if signed) splitting time with blackie, if blackie or lundqvist plays well in hartford this year and earns the back-up spot next season, then khabi will sit when told to, he played 55 games this year for tampa so i cant see him going crazy when told we have to give a kid some ice

as for missing out on top 5 picks, im sorry but id like to get a real coach and a solid goalie and see what we can do next year, i dont think playoffs are impossible (if we get a coach and goalie who is consistent), if we get effort from 20 guys every nite we will have a chance to win, and thats all this team has been lacking over the last 7 years has been consistent effort
I agree that a solid coach could possibly get this team to earn points and challenge for a playoff spot, but I really disagree on Khabi. If we are rebuilding than you have to be committed to Blackburn in the near future (a year or so). He cant sit on the bench or toil in the minors for 4 more years. The guy is almost ready to play in the NHL, he just needs a bit more seasoning and experience, not 4 years worth. Just give this team a decent guy, even Dunham, to bridge the gap and we will be fine.

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