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04-14-2004, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by The~Franchise
The same jerks pissing and whining, giving up all hope, and of course giving there two cents on what they think this team should do to win, with to my surprise a few new recruits to this group.


Do you understand, that to other team's fans, and common outsiders, you are all coming across no better than the morons who boo national anthems, or boo players for no reason, just out of habbit. Canadiens fans were once reknowned for there class and maturity. My how times have changed.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

(PS sorry for the broad generalization, but this certain category of fan seems to be growing by the day)
First off, blindly labelling a ton of posters won't get you any credit or respect. Also, class an maturity is relative to everyone's standards, but it seems that yours is so high you feel you can righteously apply it to the rest of the posters.

Besides, comparing "negative fans" (or maybe realistic?) to the ones that boo the anthems is uncalled for, and is jumping the gun big time.

Imo, the blind optimism is the apparatus of the losers. Wow!! We finished 15th again this year... but maybe we'll win the cup in 10 years when our 1st picks mature... woohoo... Not my style really. Or maybe a closer example... After game 2: Theodore will be a rock during game 3 and steal the game! After game 3: Theodore will be a rock during game 4 and steal the game! Since he wasn't that good then people were saying that he made a good save here and there. Yeah... like it's going to bring the team to the promised land.

I'm rambling though... So what was I getting to? Simply that there are different types of fans, they will enjoy different types of threads. I don't like your threads, but I've never made a thread saying you were stupid for it. You're just different. Maybe this thread wasn't flaming me, or maybe it was, but it was flaming some posters on this board. However, I think that they have the right to be different than you and to post and enjoy this message board without anyone giving them some holier-than-thou attitude.

That said, you should be really ashamed of yourself.

Truly yours,


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