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04-15-2004, 06:10 AM
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Originally Posted by pitthockey81
Given the fact that the pens are loaded with a glut of solid prospects in their system, the need for a star player is much more important for the rebuilding process. IMO they are only one or two players away from becoming a playoff team, and getting a player such as Malkin (who is still 17 and shows flashes of being better than Ovechkin) would bring the Pens that much closer to where they want to be. That said, they WILL NOT trade the second overal pick. Malkin will be playing in Pittsburgh next year between Morozov and Kraft (if he can get out of Russia).

Originally Posted by pittengineer
As much as I like Ovechkin, Malkin actually seems to fit the pens system better. Not to mention he fills a need(top-line center), scoring forward, and is rumored to be closing in on 6'3, 200lbs at 17. Not to mention he has the most potential in the entire draft.

Like I said, as much as i like ovechkin, very happy to pick malkin. This is especially true since most scouts and GM say that the gap between the two is very narrow now. This is w/ Malkin being one of the youngest guys in the draft and a whole year or more younger than Ovechkin.

And I like Malkin alot as well, but he will NOT be better than Ovechkin IMO. I think alot of Pens fans (not singling you out) are being big time homers when I read statements to that affect. It is wishful thinking and rationalizing when things like that are said.
Of COURSE NOONE can know for certain, but had the Pens won the lottery, I doubt you would be hearing those types of statements as much as they are being thrown out, if you would hear them at ALL from Pens fans.

The gap between them is NOT VERY narrow, and I certainly don't think "most scouts" think so. I have seen a quote from ONE scout who says something kind of close to this, and that was that the gap had narrowed.

Let's be realistic here people. Ovechkin is being called the best prospects since Mario, and he has been on the radar for the last 3+ years. Up until 2 or 3 months ago there really wasn't a consensus #2 pick behind Ovechkin.

As much as I do not like Dejan (post Gazette writer) he touched on this very subject in his column last friday. It seems that some Pens fans are trying to make themselves feel better about losing out on AO by talking up Malkin.

I am VERY happy to get Malkin and he will be a VERY good player IMO. But I am more dissapointed to lose the lottery because AO will be a world class player!
Read the column (2nd question down, and others more like it. He is being realistic and we should try to do the same).

Ovechkin right now is head and shoulders above Malkin. And, IMO, he will continue to be that way until they retire.

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