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01-28-2008, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by PensFan68 View Post
My plans are now final and I'm going to be staying in Jersey City. Now I'm just wondering whether to drive to the Coliseum or take public tranportation. How hard is it to get from NY Penn Station to the Coliseum?

I From what I've read, you'd take the Long Island RR (then a bus), but does anyone know if they accept the MetroCards (including the buses) or is that just for the NYtransit? Does the train go right from Penn to Hempstead or do I have to transfer somewhere?

It doesn't sound all that difficult, but I've had a couple suggestions from people saying to drive it'd be much easier.

Any recommendations?
You will almost always have to switch at Jamaica to get to Hempstead as well as the other way. Or you can just take the E train to the second to last stop (which is Jamaica station) which makes the LIRR trip cheaper.

The buses take your Metro card the LIRR does not...I believe off-peak was under $4 (from Jamaica).

It's not all that difficult to go by public transportation it's just time consuming because the schedules do not correspond that well. I don't know what it's like to drive there though so maybe someone else can help you on that.

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