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04-15-2004, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Darz
Why is it when Mike Ribeiro supposablely fakes an injury the entire country claims how big of a disgrace he is, but when Darcy Tucker does it nobody says anything, and Darcy pulls off that **** 3/4 times a frickin game. Twice in yesterdays game versus the Sens I saw the master thespian put on a great show, and I only watched bits and pieces of the game.

I would love to ask Don Cherry why he makes a big stink about Rib's, but is totally in love with Darcy Tucker. I imagine if his name was Darcy Turgeon, Don would have a problem.
Tucker has learned to tone it down, though. Even last night, he didn't "overdo" the writhing and screaming like Ribeiro did, and he didn't blatantly taunt and laugh at the opposing bench either. He doesn't stay down away from the play or embarrass the refs with it, just milks it a bit after the whistle has already gone, usually.

Not that he didn't used to be worse... I saw a couple Kamloops games when he made me flat out cringe in embarrassment, much like Ribeiro did. But I think Tucker has learned his pro lessons.

And of course, he *will* back it up sometimes. If he's taunting, he's also usually willing to drop the gloves once in a while, and he does throw his body around with pretty reckless abandon.

The biggest difference to me is that anything "evil" Tucker does is because he WANTS TO WIN. He will do anything to win, even crawl in the slime. I just see Ribeiro more as a guy who wants attention. He isn't necessarily trying to win anything, he just wants to hog the spotlight and show up his opponents. But that's all just impressions of course. Means nothing.

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