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04-15-2004, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
Since we're entering the Leaf zone here, I thought I'd tell you what I saw last night.
About 6.30, I told my wife, I'd run a few errands for her in the nearest village, about 10kms. away. I finished what I had to do and stopped at a convenience store for something. [porn] I noticed a guy in line in front of me. He looked a bit like Tie Domi, or at least what Domi would look like if he retained water for a month or two. He bought 2 chocolate bars and a giant Pepsi bottle. When I paid for my stuff, I noticed keys on the counter and told the young lady, I'd bring them to the guy. [who incidentally lives about 300 yards from the store and should have been walking.] I brought him his keys and he said "Thanks I'm in a hurry to get home for the game" I told him, "Wait a minute, you're not a Leaf Fan are you ?' He repled,"Yeah Bigtime" I told him that if I'd known I'd have left the keys inside. He laughed,I laughed and we went our separate directions. What kind of fan buys chocolate to watch a game ? Even if you don't drink beer , isn't salted snack fgood more acceptable ? You'd never catch a Hab Fan with chocolate at a game, nor a Bruin Fan for that matter. Am I overreacting here ? Don't we have to draw the line somewhere ?
We should definitely draw the line somewhere : STOP BUYING PORN BEFORE THE GAMES !

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