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01-29-2008, 07:39 AM
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There's always a fine line to walk.

And there's difference in culture both between different nationalities and between different sports.

There's two sides of the coin.

Fans love to celebrate when their team scores or wins, and they love when the player and/or the team celebrates with them.

But at the same time showboating and 'taunting' the other team and/or fans is regarded as very bad taste.

If a soccer player scored a goal and then just gave his linemates a little hug a maybe a little wave to the supporters he'd be regarded cold and uncaring.

If a hockey player scored a goal and the rushed to wherever the team crowd was and fired off some fancy celebration before getting buried in a pile of teammates it would be ripped as melodramatic and taunting.

Not sure on why the difference is there, they're both team sports, maybe it falls back to hockey being more physical?

Maybe hockey players don't want to trigger their opponents too much, flattening someone into the boards are after all fully legal in hockey.

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