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04-15-2004, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Defender
Why can't you just accept what Riberio did instead of going "Look at Tucker!, Look at Tucker!!"

That is all this thread is here for.
No it about the fact that the Ribeiro incident gets blown out of proportion to levels of insanity, and within a couple days, another player pulls the same crap (on at least two occasions in the same game), and no one seems to mention a thing.

If Ribeiro did 'fake it' (which I don't want to debate), was it the first time someone did that??? Was it the second time???? The third time????
No, it happens all the frickin time. My example of Tucker is just to prove that point. I am still left wonder why Ribeiro gets so much attention for allegily doing something that happens pretty much EVERY night in the NHL.

I also don't understand why Don 'Leafs' Cherry singles out Ribeiro for the act, while praising Tucker along with others???? (Roberts has been putting on quite the acting class this playoffs as well).

I'm just left wondering???

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