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04-15-2004, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy Caballero
Please. Ribeiro has done it once, maybe twice, that I can remember in the pros. I can't even count the number of times Tucker has lain on the ice like he's just been hit by a truck, only to get up and chase the ref around the rink, flailing his arms and screaming like a little b---ch because he didn't get a call. Not to mention that he's one of the league's biggest divers.

He was en embarassment when he played for the Habs and he got even worse when he left. If you can't see what everyone outside Toronto does, I suggest taking off those blue-tinted dealies sitting on the bridge of your nose. And don't tell me that all the hatred is merely the result of him be so hard to play against. Roberts is much harder to play against, yet he gets respect from just about everyone.
Darcy Tucker is a whiner... he's toned it down a lot this season, but he still *****es at the refs... but he never cries wolf like Ribeiro.

#71 disrespected the refs, the players on the ice, his coach, the fans, the media, the great tradition of the Montreal Canadiens, and most importantly, the game of hockey.

Tucker may whine... and even embelish the play occasionally to draw a penalty, but he has never pulled an act like that.

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