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04-15-2004, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Toonces
I take it your not a BC fan then?
Good God no...I'm a Northeastern University alum, and one of the founding members of the Dog House at NU hockey games. As such, I'm required by cosmic laws to detest BC (and BU, thus why a Pandolfo on NJ draws my ire as well) as much as humanly possible. To put it in to perspective, BU is at the top of the sports teams I hate the most, tied with the Devils and Cowboys, and BC is the next level down from them (tied with the Giants and Maple Leafs/Sens/Red Wings/Sabres). Considering that the difference between the top two levels is minute (and often indistinguishable), this should help explain things a bit.

The only thing worse than Gionta playing well in this series would be if the Devils had somehow acquired Drury before the playoffs and stuck him on a line with Gionta. The cosmic torment that is being a Philadelphia fan and an NU fan would then be complete.

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