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04-15-2004, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by WrightOn doesn't even sound like like u are a fan anyway.
Follow a team to the cup and then realize your naivety.

Posts like this just freaking kill me. I have been a fan for over 28 years and have season tickets for a number of years. I am a big enough fan to see that there are some serious problems with this league and want to INTELLIGENTLY discuss/debate those problems. Instead there are posts like this. No discussion of the point that I brought up. Instead just some lame comment that if I dont like it the way it is, then I must not be a fan. Im just not your kind of fan. Im the kind of fan that loves the game, sees that the game has problems, would like to INTELLIGENTLY discuss those problems and would like to see the problems fixed. Im just not the type of lame fan that runs around boards like this avoiding the topics to be discussed and writing, Wow. You said something negative about the NHL. You must not be a real fan.

As far as what is my point? Try reading the thread.

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