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04-15-2004, 04:58 PM
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I'll add something a little different, what I expect to see from the prospects next year.

Kastsitsyn- Tough to say, but if he's not signed he'll be back in CSKA/CSKA-2 as I think he's under contract with them for 1 more year. If he's signed, I would say he'll start in Hamilton but he should see some NHL action at some point depending on how he adapts to the defensive side of our system and what impact Jarvis has on him. If in Hamilton I would think he'll be on the top line with Perezhogin. If in Russia, he'll most likely spend time between CSKA/CSKA-2 I would guess. (cska is deep in young talent)

Perezhogin- 1st line in Hamilton next year, and should get in some NHL action if there's a season. I'd like to see him work on his upper body strength, but I wouldn't mind seeing him start in Hamilton and end up with the Habs at some point.

Higgins- I don't know if he will start off with the Habs, but if there's a season, he should end the season with them. I would guess that he would see some 3rd line time to start out, but I'd rather see him given a more offensive role. The hard part is how the other prospects do, as Hossa, Higgins and Kastsitsyn can all play LW and all have a lot of skill, so it's tough to say who will be where.

Plekanec- I think he's ready for NHL duty, but I have no idea where Julien would put him. I would think he'll get some time on the 4th line center. I don't know if Julien would go for it, but a Hossa Plekanec Ward line might not be a bad idea (although they would have only have about 175 NHL games combined, which isn't much)

Hainsey- Have no clue. Can't play in Hamilton, as he won't clear waivers imo. I don't think he'll make the team, so I'll guess and think he's traded this summer or at some point next year. If he's still here, he'll need a strong camp but he does have waivers on his side and a lot of skills just needs to put it together.

Urquhart- Should be signed this summer to play in Hamilton. Still can play for PEI but I'd be surprised if he did. I'd think that Urquhart would be the 2nd line center in Hamilton. It will be very interesting how he adapts to the AHL, as he is clearly skilled offensively, but is not physical whatsoever and we'll have to see how he handles himself.

Danis- Should be the starter in Hamilton next year or at least get a lot of starts.

Hossa- Has the waiver rule on his side, I think he could stick with the team, as he won't clear waivers. I don't think he'll play on one of the top lines, so I'd guess and say 3rd line LW.

Korneev- I hope he comes over, but I have no idea if he even wants to. He signed a deal with AK Bars last year so unless the IIHF/NHL deal is signed, he will have to stay in Russia. If he's brought over he'll play RD but will have to beat out Archer and Flood for ice time. Dont' know if Cote or Plante will be back, and Traverse's spot will be open for one of them. Archer and Korneev could flip flop for the season

Lapierre- I have high hopes for him next season. PEI won't be the same but I think he'll be their top scorer and even get consideration for Team Canada's U-20 team.

Korpikari- Should be back up with Karpat next year. I don't know the full story, but I know he spent time with their junior team this year which is why he isn't on their playoff team (cause he didn't play enough games to play for Karpat) but it was after being injured at the WJC's. Hopefully he play all season on the 3rd pairing in the mens league.

O'Byrne- I am looking forward to his sophmore season, as I got to see Komisarek as a sophmore and I think they have some similar aspects of their game. His size, skating, speed, phsyical play are all on the level of Komo while in his in the NCAA but he seems more raw in his own end and his offensive game is really lacking so far. (but perhaps he had a hard time adapting to the left wing lock system they run at Cornell, plus he gets no PP time yet)

Lambert- Can't see Gainey not signing him before June 1st. Money is the only issue, as he had a breakout season. He's got the size, speed, skating, and shot to play in the NHL right now. But he lacks vision/playmaking and his work ethic has been questioned in the past. I think it wil all come down to Lambert and if he's willing to pay the price in the corners and in front of the net, he'll see the NHL. Next year he should be in Hamilton, on the 2nd or 3rd line LW, and get some PP and maybe PK time.

Halak- Hopefully he gets a full time spot in the mens league in the Slovak league, but if not he'll see some time up there again, as his numbers in all 3 leagues were very impressive. He should also be the starter for Team Slovakia's U-20's.

Ferland- Should have a better year as he works hard but has had some trouble producing at times. He's good along the boards and will take the body. Hopefully he works hard this summer, as he could be the 2nd or 3rd line RW, perhaps with Urquhart.

Locke- Has to be signed, can't do anymore in the OHL. If Urquhart is signed, it will be very interesting as Locke and Urquhart will have to battle for time. I'd guess and say Locke will get the 3rd line center spot unless he's moved to the wing.

Milroy- I was disappointed in his season, but I think he will have a solid season next year. But he will need to come to camp ready, cause he'll need to beat out Ferland for ice time.

Archer- Should be the bottom pairing RD in Hamilton next year, as I thought he played decent in Hamilton in the few games I've seen him in.

Flood- I am a little concerned that he didn't get any time with the Dogs in his brief stay, but I would be surprised if he is back in the OHL next year. I'd say Hamilton or ECHL depending on Korneev being signed or not.

Stewart- Should have a great season next year and in the top 15 in scoring in the Q. He seems to like to shoot the puck and has a decent shot, but I hope he eats a lot of steaks over the summer and hits the gym often. Should be on the 1st or 2nd line in Rimouski.

Bonneau- Will be back in PEI, hopefully on the 2nd or 3rd line. Must continue to work on his game. He works hard and seems to understand that he must improve just about every area of his game.

Glenn- I hope he's signed this summer, most likely to start in the ECHL, but he could give Shasby a run for his money, as he's more physical and slightly bigger although not as skilled offensively as Shasby.

Linhart- I hope he gets a full time in the Czech mens league, but will most likely be in the 2nd league (ahl)

Michaud- I think he will be in the ECHL next year, as I would be shocked if Danis/Michaud were the goalies in Hamilton next year, cause there' very little experience there. I would think it will be Damphousse/Danis with Michaud to the ECHL.

Selig- I don't think he will be signed and will most likely sign on with some ECHL team.

Shasby- I hope he gets a spot with Hamilton next year, on the bottom pairing. He will add a lot to the PP.

Vydareny- Will be in Hamilton next year

Marois- Don't know if he will be resigned, but if so I think he could get a spot in Hamilton, but will need to beat out Larrivee.

Thinel- Don't know if he will be resigned but I hope so. Put him on 3rd or 4th line in Hamilton, but he must hit the gym as he needs to get stronger.

Larrivee- Sould split time between ECHL and Hamilton.

Puurula- Tough one. Lost his starting job this year, but due to the starter getting injured he got it back. Don't know if he will be a starter next year.

Lindberg- Could be the starter for Hammerby, as he was loaned to Vallentuna, but they brought him back once Vallentuna was knocked out of the playoffs. He should get a look for Team Sweden's U-20's.

Don't know what they will do with Cote, Gratton, Plante, Robinson, Fichaud. I like Cote and hope the Habs sign him. Gratton I wonder if he will try his luck with another team, Plante is ok don't really care either way, Robinson I haven't seen yet so I can't say, Fichaud I think is better then Damphousse but I don't know if they will bring him back or not.

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