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04-15-2004, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafontaine
I pity those who are playing the drinking game posted a couple days ago. "Have a drink every time Healy talks about Perreault!"...Poor buggers, they are all likely passed out by now and the game isn't even over!

PS: Maclean just made some comment about "For all you Canadien fans complaining you've been hard done by, here's a break"....and they showed the second goal. Screw you MacLean.
I'm really sick of the way CBC is so anti-Hab. Tonight Maclean was calling Zed a softie?! We've all seen Zednik fight! He had a good fight last year and won!! I watch all the games on SRC. Healy is another Leaf cheerleader (just like MacLean) and I can't stand that.

Now that were down they just wanna kick us.

By the way Healy sounds like a disgrace.

If the Habs pull off the comeback, who will we have in round 2? Either way we deal with crap. Because if it's Cole he comes with Harry, if it's Cuthbert he comes with Millen or we get stuck again with this Dynamic Duo.

I think Whittman is getting to old. I seem to remember him being good? Maybe I was too young...

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