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Siarhei Kastsitsyn Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by vampiro View Post
I said it before and I will say it again, this guy is the real deal and he will become one of the best player on this team in a few years. He will surpass his brother no doubt to me. Andrei will score more goals, but Sergei will put up more points because of his amazing hockey vision.

Many thought that he was leeching from Patrick Kane and Sam Gagner last year with the London Knignts and most people thought that he wasn't as good as his stats reflected. The real fact is, It was Sergei Kostitsyn that Made Kane and Gagner !! He was the most complete junior player last season and I'm glad that he proves to everybody now that he's gonna be a real force for years to come. I know it's still early, but I just know it He is my Favorite player right now on the Habs roster
You may have a point, and by the way former NHLer and father of Sam, Dave Gagner, said at the beginning of the year that Kosty Jr was the most complete of the three kids.

So far in the NHL, here are the three kids' stats. The conclusion is STUNNING.

Sam Gagner
50 gp @ 14:00 per game
4-17-21 -13

Siarhei Kastsitsyn
21 gp @ 13:38 per game
5-8-13 +3

Patrick Kane
51 gp @ 18:47 per game
12-33-45 -6

Normalized to 82 games @ 18:47 minutes each, we would see this:

Sam Gagner
9-37-46 -29

Siarhei Kastsitsyn
26-43-69 +16

Patrick Kane
19-55-74 -10

Now, remember this: Siarhei doesn't have a Jonathan Toews to play with. He has played mostly on the third line since he arrived. Yet his offensive contribution per minute played is very close to the highly praised Kane's, while his defense and his toughness surpasses both of his former linemates fairly easily.

Well done, Siarhei, it's exciting to watch you develop before our eyes!

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