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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
I have always used hot water to do the job. First, the hot water moistens up the leather and allows the skate to form better. Bring some water from the hot faucet up to temp in the microwave. Use the same temp as you do your coffee, maybe a little cooler. Pour it into the skate while it's in the sink. Let the hot water sit in the skate for several minutes....5 min. works pretty good. Then, place socks on your feet so you don't get a 2nd degree burn, and place your foot in the skate and lace them up tight. It will be warm for a few seconds until you get use to the heat. Wear the skates around the house with skate guards will you watch the big game this weekend. At the end of the game, they are formed.

Head coach
This is an old figure skating trick- works great, since figure skates are made almost enitrely of leather. Nowadays, all but the low-end beginner figure skates are made to be bakeable, so I don't know how many skaters sit around in skates and wet socks like I used to. I've never tried it with my hockey skates.

One thing I've done with both figure and hockey skates is to heat them up with a hairdryer and then sit around in them for 10-20 minutes. It's worked ok because I haven't had any "tight spots"; I was only doing it to make them start molding to my foot a little beofre I skated in them. If there were spots that were pinching me or places the skates actually hurt, I'd have taken them to be baked.

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