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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Not really sarcasm. I'm just saying that if Timmins thought the kid should have been drafted in the second round, as I read in a subsequent post from my original, then Gainey was taking quite a chance waiting till round seven......UNLESS Timmins wasn't as high on the kid as he wants us to believe today.
You draft a player where you think you can get them. Just because a player is talented, doesn't mean that they go "where they should." Scouts talk, GMs talk, and if one of the Habs' scouts heard from others that they weren't too high on Sergei for whatever reason, that information gets relayed to Timmins who can then take the risk and pick other players on the hopes that Sergei's still available at their next pick. Who knows? Maybe the Habs scouts sabotaged Sergei prior to the draft to ensure no one else would pick him. All we know is that we got him, and you can't criticize Timmins for that.

What I expect happened is that most scouts/GMs discounted him (that is, if they even saw him much) because he was putting up good numbers in a lesser league on a relatively strong team, but Timmins and Co wanted to acquire him for his raw talent, and see if he'll come over to the CHL to develop.

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